(Polski) Szablon WordPress na zamówienie

WordPress Theme for custom order

Made for rock-folk band Mysticalland

List of tasks:

  • layout
  • single page layout
  • post grid  layout
  • audio player – play directly on webpage
  • gallery
  • questbook system
  • language versions avalaibility
  • automatic post forwarding to Facebook Fanpage


  • implementation of FB Fanpage
  • translation to english
  • domain connect
  • installation and backup of whole page
  • logo in two versions: letter, word
  • graphics for main page
screenshot-www.mysticalland.pl 2016-04-28 11-24-01 screenshot-www.mysticalland.pl 2016-04-28 11-24-17 screenshot-www.mysticalland.pl 2016-04-28 11-24-32 screenshot-www.mysticalland.pl 2016-04-28 11-23-41 screenshot-www.mysticalland.pl 2016-04-28 11-03-16 screenshot-www.facebook.com 2016-04-28 11-29-06 logocale logo-white-blackbg logo-white-filter rider-cover

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Website for School. WordPress Theme

Project design for school.

Design brief: utilitarian, clear, simple.

Website: zsm.edu.pl


WordPress theme

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